Tenzor International Cup – J/70 Open Winter Series 2023-2024 summed up the results of the season

The first edition of the Tenzor International Cup – J/70 Open Winter Series 2023-2024 concluded on Sunday, 14th of April in Bodrum, with the impressive winning Trophy taken by Tenzor Team and HUBEX team made it to the top in the final stage.

The Series kicked off at the beginning of December, continued monthly in January, February, March and ended in April with 5th & Final leg.

With 27 teams in total and 19 teams in the last stage it was a remarkable event hosted by Tenzor Sailing Club Turkey in one the best sailing location of Anthaven Resort in Bodrum. The great wind conditions and the crystal waters of Aspat Bay gave the wide opportunities for sailors to compete in different conditions and demonstrate all the skills.

The project was supported by the administrations and governors of the Mugla and Bodrum regions, Turkish Sailing Federation, J/70 class Association, Anthaven Resort and Radisson Collection Hotel. Governor of Bodrum city – Mr.Mustafa Cit and the Technical Chief of the International J/70 Class Association Mr. Mark Foster were the honorable guests on the prize-giving ceremony of the final stage.

Hubex team, skippered by Kirill Frolov, was delighted to win the final leg and closed the top-5 of the Series. The team won 5 of 9 races and became a confident leader of the decisive regatta.

Tenzor Team led by Andrey Pushkin was the main rival who also was very close to the stage win. Leading after first race day the team has lost one position in next day because of two unlucky races that were finished with 7th and 12th respectively. As a result, Tenzor Team took the second place in the stage, but became the winners of the Series that was the main goal for the season.

Inna Balashova's Dolce Vita team had a very stable race season with four places on podium during the five stages. In final one, the crew fought for 3rd place with Orient JR and Bogatyrs teams and finally could overtook both. With same 3rd place they finished the Series and it was really great job for Dolce Vita who renewed the crew staff in this season.

According to tactician of “Bogatyrs” Konstantin Besputin, it was not easy for the team to race in the middle winds on the final stage, but the team is happy with 4th place on the stage and 2nd in the Series.

Arif Gurdenli's Orient JR team improved their results from stage to stage and in the final leg the crew was in top-3 after first race day. But then due to the keel was loosed they lost some positions, dropping to fifth place. In the Overall of the Series Orient JR finished 4th just one step before the podium.

Eyed Mushrooms, AtomTavatuy, AYAZ, Eker Sailing Team and the Ada JR team closes the top 10 of the 5th and final leg. As these teams have attended not all the stages their position in overall rankings are different from the top-10 of the Series which set by AYAZ on 6th, IVEDI – 7th, ASPAT – 8th, Azzurro – 9th and Cheese Sailing – 10th positions respectively.

In Corinthian division AYAZ team, skippered by Arif Ayaz, became the winners of the stage and the Series. The newcomer “Sunflower” team reached the second place on the podium on the stage 5, followed by Azzurro team. In the overall of the Series AYAZ, ASPAT and Azzurro became the best-three in Corinthians.

Tenzor International Cup – J/70 Open Winter Series will be presented in calendar of world sailing regattas next season, so be ready for the new challenges in 2024-2025.