Regatta brilliant win for Tenzor Team

3 intense days of racing in perfect conditions on Aspat Bay at the 4th Leg of Tenzor International Cup – J/70 Open Winter Series 2023/2024 ended with brilliant victory of Andrei Pushkin’s Tenzor Team.

13 teams and over 50 sailors met in Bodrum, Turkey with a very strong line-up and performed on a high-level on the regatta race days. The Race committee passed 11 races. The conditions were quite difficult from day to day with fresh but unstable wind from north.

Sunday, March 10, marked the final fight for the podium. It was a game changing day for some and still a mountain to climb for others.

Tenzor Team managed to win 3 races in a row and score a well-deserved win ahead of Dolce Vita team.

Daniil Odintsov (Tenzor Team tactician): "It turned out to be a great regatta. We have held all 11 scheduled races. It was one of the most interesting stages of the winter season, as the fight was very tight. The leaders stayed in first place until the last race, they did a great job, but didn't have a good last race day. On the contrary, everything worked out for us and permitted to lead the standings. Nevertheless, the other teams fought very hard, we were all close to each other on points, so it was very interesting to race. There were many situations, tactics, turns, maneuvers, there was no the one profitable side, we always had to adjust to the conditions, change the strategy. We are very happy, many thanks to the organizers, judges and all teams!"

Alisa Kirilyuk (Dolce Vita tactician): "The races today were very interesting. A good and more stable wind was blowing. We had a tight fight for victory with the Tenzor Team, other teams were fighting for third place. There were such super matches, like in football, and a very interesting outcome. Unfortunately, we had less luck today than the Tenzor Team. We lost points, but we continue to fight in the series. Congratulations to the winners and the "bronze" medalists — great job, guys and all the teams with the finish! At the next stage, I hope we will have more luck and see how things turn out!"

International crew staff of Orient JR reached the 3rd place and celebrated its first podium in the Series.

Arif Gurdenli (helmsman, Orient JR): "Today we went out to race course with confidence. We knew we had the potential to do well. The wind conditions were excellent, good race management and good umpiring makes the game fair. All races we had good starts, good strategy, good speed which brought us a consistent 4 races so that we achieved our first podium finish with 3rd. Every regatta we improve and this is what we wanted. It is a privilege to be among such strong teams and achieving good results is not easy. We look forward to last leg".

Gaswar, Cheese Sailing and Bogatyrs teams were classified in top-6.

Alexander Romanov (Gaswar helmsman): "This is the first time we participated in these competitions. We are impressed with the composition of the regatta and the quality of its preparation. Many thanks to the organizers and all the participants for the interesting, intense and eventful races all three days. We had a great pleasure! On the first day, we were more lucky, and we sailed in the top three, on the second day we failed a little, and today we tried to catch up. In principle, the main task for us was to impose competition, since it was the first time we participated, and the results turned out to be a good start. We will try to take part in the next stage and improve our result".

In the Corinthian division IVEDI team controlled the top position from the beginning and held it till the end of regatta. AYAZ finished second and Azzurro and ASPAT teams shared 3rd and 4th positions.

Yiğit Eroğlu (helmsman, IVEDI): "It was a good organization and good races. Today was a tough day, the wind was shifty. I am trying to get used on helm and we always getting better in results".

Final Ranking of Leg4:

1. Tenzor Team 18 pts

2. Dolce Vita 23 pts

3. Orient JR 29 pts

4. Gaswar 37 pts

5. Cheese Sailing 41 pts

6. Bogatyrs 41 pts

7. Hubex 50 pts

8. Hapyhour JR 58 pts

9. IVEDI 68 pts

10. Ayaz 73 pts

11. Dva Topora 94 pts

12. Azzurro 99 pts

13. ASPAT 107 pts