The J/70 Open Winter Series of Tenzor International Cup is a new challenge in new location!

From December 7th to 10th, the teams will print out the winter season at the first stage of the tournament.

The most interesting fleet races on J/70 boats are waiting for participants from different countries. The Bodrum water area has already been loved by the teams participating in this year's Turkish summer series Tour of Turkiye.

According to Tenzor Team tactician Daniil Odintsov, Bodrum provides excellent opportunities to race in different places.

Daniil Odintsov: "The location of the yacht marina based on the Radisson Collection Bodrum is very interesting. You can race near the yacht club, there is an opportunity to go beyond the peninsula to the right, holding races closer to Greece between the island of Kos and Turkey, or go to the left and find yourself in another water area. I am sure that this diversity will make the TIC Winter Series regattas interesting and multifaceted."

For the Eyed Mushrooms team, Turkey has become a favorite sailing destination in the international field.

Elizaveta Shestakova: "With the current situation in the world, our opportunities to try the desired waters and competitions are limited. But I get good growth and pleasure in a location available to us in Turkey. We raced the entire Tour of Turkey 2023 series, where we showed good results in a very tight fight. I liked the location in Bodrum, where the final stage took place. The conditions there are very comfortable: the starting line is close, everything is very compactly located – boat parking, restaurants, etc. And most importantly, the wind! In each stage we managed to fly! I hope that in the Winter series of the Tenzor International Cup, the wind will also please us, and the organization of the Tenzor Sailing Club will make this event even more wonderful!"

Igor Rytov's "Russian Bogatyrs" have spent an active summer racing season in Turkey, and are set to successfully compete in the winter series of the Tenzor International Cup 2023/2024.

Konstantin Besputin: "We have discovered a new and interesting water area in Turkey. We raced in different locations, but Bodrum was especially memorable. The final stage of the Turkish Tour of Turkiye series took place here, which we won. From a sporting point of view, there are two locations for racing – a large water area next to the yacht club, and another water area about 20 minutes away, where we raced on the first race day. Quite difficult sea conditions, where it is interesting to tactic – it was not immediately possible to read the wind changes and decide which trajectory to choose for moving on tacking and on the windward. The wind periodically blew from the shore. In terms of infrastructure, it's just a super place – a little paradise for yachtsmen! A detached hotel with all the infrastructure to have a good time on the beach. Great beach, tennis, gyms. I hope that we will race here more often, and I am sure that everyone will like this location, because it is ideal for racing."