Dolce Vita team takes a lead after second race day

On Saturday, 9th December, the competitors of the first stage of Tenzor International Cup Open Winter Series​ continues fighting in the waters of Aspat Bay.​

After the first race day with the lightening storm, strong rain and very weak wind which not allowed to pass any race, the second one presented the better weather and good wind.​

At 10:30am the Race Committee vessel and fleet were departed from the marina.

5 races were held and all teams made it in good dynamic. Interesting battles were on rounding marks and leaders changed each other. Eyed Mushrooms opened the day with winning of the race number one. Bogatyrs and Dva Topora completed the top-3. In the second race the best time was shown by Tenzor team, followed by Hubex and Dolce Vita.​

Two times in next races Dolce Vita Sailing Team finished first and became to rise its position in overall ranking. Bogatyrs, Tenzor Team and Eyed Mushrooms are the closest rivals fighting for podium. Turkish Azzurro and Orient Jr teams were in top-5 in last race of the day, showing a good speed and team work.

Kirill Frolov (Hubex team): Today was a great day with 5 races. We didn't have a very good result.... there were a couple of collisions at the start, but we are happy to be here. The first winter regatta, excellent conditions, very interesting. We like it!

Alexander Andrianov (Tenzor Team): Today was a good and interesting day. Downwind - strong approaches - very similar to the lake conditions. In the first race, we had a breakdown, a rope flew out of the bowsprit, and because of this we lost several positions. In general, we are happy with the day, we came steadily, despite the very changeable wind.

Paco Quinonero (main umpire): Today we decided to "work out" what we missed and planned to hold 5 races. We were more than lucky with the weather, and we coped. The wind blew steadily from the shore, but there were no strong waves. My colleagues and I as well as participants have enjoyed the full-fledged races.

Jules Tronquet (umpire): I think that it is difficult to think of a better opportunity for training in winter than Tenzor International Cup Open Winter Series. The conditions are fantastic, the teams are of the highest class. It is pleasant to work with teams, they show excellent "skills" even in difficult situations.

Results after 5 races:
  1. Dolce Vita - 9.0 pt
  2. Bogatyrs - 9.0 pt
  3. Tenzor Team - 10.0 pt
  4. Eyed Mushrooms - 12.0 pt
  5. Hubex - 16.0 pt
  6. Orien JR - 25.0 pt
  7. AZZURRO - 26.0 pt
  8. Dva Topora - 28.0 pt
  9. Good Guys - 28.0 pt
  10. AYAZ JR - 38.0 pt
  11. ASPAT - 40.0 pt
  12. ADA JR - 40.0 pt