Corinthian team Ada Jr joins the Tenzor International Cup – J/70 Open winter series 2023/2024

Ada Jr is a new Corinthian team with a mix of experienced racers and young talent to train and race together the first time. The crew staff includes Alp Doğuoğlu, Güray Zümbül, Kaan Ilgaz, M Sancar Altan, Nadezhda Barkovkskaia.

We look forward to sail with some of the best teams and sailors in the J/70 fleet and to test our capacity. – said helmsman Alp Doğuoğlu. First time racing together will be the challenge, so our aim will be get used to each other, race safe, minimize mistakes and most importantly have fun.

Alp is an experienced sailor and well known the Bodrum water area. «I have been sailing some 25 years, the last 5 years both in the Turkish J/70 fleet and IRC . Sail racing is my passion and Nr 1 sport. I have sailed in Bodrum extensively in Bodrum Offshore Sailing Club’s winter trophy 2009 -2017 and in the Turkish J/70 fleet in the last years. Specifically the Aspat / Anthaven area is known for good winds with nice gusts».