Fighting on all marks. The results of the first race day.

An impressive start of the 5th&Final stage of the Tenzor International Cup Winter Series – J/70 Open Winter Series 2023-2024 was given on Friday, April 12, at the Anthaven resort in Bodrum.

The participants of the regatta were welcomed by the organizers of the competition, the honorable guest Mark Foster - the Technical Chief in the J/70 Class Association, the international judging panel headed by Principal Race officer Can Giray and Chief umpire Neven Baran.

After the official opening and briefing, 19 teams and 80 men and women set off for the race. The first day of leadership pleased the audience with various scientific works and long-term racing classes. 4 races took place, and the Tenzor team of Andrei Pushkin, the leaders of the overall standings of the series, managed to lead the classification of the first day.

Daniil Odintsov (tactician, Tenzor team): "Today we held 4 races in a good stable wind, it was very interesting to race, as the fleet grew and it was no longer so easy to choose a position at the start. The starting line was very correct, it was proportional to the number of teams, the starts were very dense, interesting, and spectacular. We chose the side from the very first race - it turned out to be correct and worked throughout the races. At the first race, it seemed to us that we had a false start, we returned, lost a lot, but then we managed to finish fourth, which lifted our spirits and spirits. When we talked to the judges at the line, it turned out that our number was not called… The rest of the races were already going confidently and steadily, winning two of the four. The first 6-7 boats raced very tightly, which indicates a high level of teams. We are not relaxing, only 4 out of 11 races have passed. The forecast for the regatta is good, so we are calmly moving on to our goal”.

The second and third positions with an equal number of points were shared by the Hubex team, skippered by Kirill Frolov and Orient JR led by Arif Gurdenli. Hubex turned out to be higher due to the first two arrivals in the asset.

Kirill Frolov (helmsman, Hubex): "A very good windy day, interesting, fighting on all marks. We are satisfied, even it was not very stable, but there are two race wins. So we are looking forward to the remaining two days with hope. Definitely, we will fight for the podium”.

Arif Gurdenli (helmsman, Orient JR): "First day of the regatta was with very good winds at a great location. Race committee organized all four races really fair and square.

Three races we had good starts and with good upwind speed found top positions at the first mark. The fleet is very strong and is not easy to cover everyone and losing 1-2 places is very easy with small mistakes. Downwinds with small waves make us fun and also challenging to keep both speed and low angles. Overall, we are pleased to have each race at top-5. We look forward to continue racing.

The next two teams in the standings – Igor Rytov's "Bogatyrs" and Inna Balashova's "Dolce Vita" got the same number of points, taking for one unsuccessful arrival on the first day of the race but still continue to fight for the podium.

The top-6 of the day was closed by Eyed Mushrooms team skippered by Elizaveta Shestakova, who missed several stages of the series and gradually increasing the speed, and then the teams AtomTavatuy, Eker Sailing Team and Ada JR completed the day in a very tight group.

Corinthian division is headed by the team of Ayaz JR of Arif Ayaz.

The second ten of the standings corresponds to the teams Spectrum Sailing Team, Sunflower, IVEDI, Phantom, ASPAT, Azzurro, Kinetika Music-1, Goodstream, Kinetika Music-2.