High-speed sailing races passed in Aspat bay on the second stage of the Tenzor International Cup - J/70 Open Winter Series 2023/2024

On Saturday, January 13, the participants of the sailing regatta, which takes place in the status of the second stage of the Tenzor International Cup – J/70 Open Winter Series 2023/2024, were able to enjoy excellent races and feel real adrenaline.

The fresh wind in the waters of Aspat Bay reached 20-23 knots, and increased during the regatta, exceeding 28 knots in gusts, which made the race very dynamic and driving.

In the two races held, the crews of the “Bogatyrs”, Tenzor Team, Dolce Vita, RAKETA 26, Orient JR, Nautique Yachting and Cheese Sailing stood out in the leading group. These teams were fighting hard for high positions.

The “Bogatyrs” team completed the day with two races won.

"Today was a good day for our team. In the first race, we were in the lead on the first mark, but we made a little mistake on the fly down wing and fell behind, we were third, then we got to second place after rounding the top mark and already at the finish we overtook the Dolce Vita team, which was going with a small handicap. In the second race, the wind increased, the wind was much stronger, it was almost critical for these type of boats. Very strong gusts came periodically. The teams that have less experience coped worse, and this race was much harder for them. We were third, and it so happened that in these strong gusts that came, the Tenzor Team was the first to enter in, and they flew off into broaching. Dolce Vita and our team overtook them, and at the very finish line it was decided who would come first. We finished nose to nose, and we won about 7-8 meters", - said Konstantin Besputin, a tactician of the “Bogatyrs”.

Dolce Vita showed two second arrivals and took second place in the classification of the day, and for the Tenzor Team, who closed the top-3, met some accidents in both races.

Daniil Odintsov (tactician, Tenzor Team): "Today there was a very strong wind from the shore, interesting conditions. Nevertheless, it was very interesting to race, since there were no waves, they were racing near the shore, so the races were comfortable for such a strong wind. It was an interesting day for us, the starts are very good, close to the line. We were in the lead in both races, but in both races we had accidents, as a result of which we came 4th and 3rd respectively. In the first race, we lost to the yacht on the right tack, we got a strong wind change. This boat started to sail away, and we were brought in. They were heavily heeled over, and we hit the masts against each other. It turned out that we broke the rules, made rounding, went 6-7, and eventually finished fourth. In the second race, we were in the lead the whole race and already at the last ford we got a very strong gust, went into broaching. The boats coming from behind saw this, managed to fall off and got this rush without broaching, bypassing us".

The places from 4th to 7th were distributed by the teams RAKETA 26, Orient JR, Nautique Yachting and Cheese Sailing, with RAKETA 26 and Orient JR in only one point, as well as Nautique Yachting with Cheese Sailing.

Arif Gurdenli (helmsman, ORIENT JR): «We started the day without much practice and straight into racing. This especially makes the first race a bit chaotic for us in terms of team work and some maneuvers.

First race we did a good first beat and rounded 3rd. Then we lost some places because of some strong puffs not coming to us and also some maneuvers. At the second race, we hold our place well, did not loose and attacked when possible. Currently being in a position to attack for the 3rd place overall makes us pleased. Also such windy conditions makes us happy as we enjoy powerful conditions and risk with good speeds».

Onur Erardag (helmsman, Nautique Yachting): «It was nice lovely day, a lot of wind 19-22 knots when we started. The team did very well in first race and we were really happy because all the other teams had a very experienced sailors and they are racing longer then us in J/70 class. For us it was second day as a team on the boat and we performed very well, in top-5, even it was very windy and hard conditions to sail. Second race was even more windy, so it was like more survival mode then racing mode especially in the second leg. But we are getting more experience among the strong rivals and I am very happy with results. Tomorrow we expect less wind and more races».

In the Corinthian division, the ASPAT team was the leader of the day. In only 1 point behind there is a crew of AYAZ JR.

The decisive races will be held on Sunday, January 14, 2024, following which the winners and prize-winners will be awarded.