First race day passed in tight fight and interesting wind conditions

Friday, 8th of March, remarked not only with International Women's Day, but also with the bright start of 4th Leg of Tenzor International Cup - J/70 Open Winter Series 2023/2024.

13 teams on the start line with a very strong line up performed on a high-level on the first race day. The Race committee passed 3 races. The conditions were difficult. Afer the official opening ceremony there was a lightening and unstable wind, which accompanied competitors during this long racing day.

Cheese Sailing Team showed the best results with 2-1-1 arrivals.

Levent Peinirchi (tactician of Cheese Sailing): "Today was a great day for us. We came 2-1-2 in the three races we had. The Dolce Vita team also performed brilliantly, we share first and second place with them. We had great teamwork and good speed. Everything was going great, even better than we expected. The Tenzor International Cup series is well organized, we took part in the second stage, and now we are here on the fourth. We are very happy to be here."

Dolce Vita finished the first race day only 1 point behind the leader.

Alisa Kirilyuk (tactician of Dolce Vita): "Today was a very, very long day, probably the longest of all in this series. We waited a long time for the wind on the shore, then went out on the water. But the wind changed direction, and we moved from one place to another while the race committee set the distance. The race started around 15:00. We had three races in which we finished 1-4-1. A good day for us according to the results, and a wonderful celebration of Women's Day! The Cheese Sailing team performed well, congratulations to the guys. A number of teams have changes in their line-ups at this stage, and it is difficult to predict their results relative to us. Each team has strong guys, so everyone performs to the maximum. We are waiting for tomorrow, the wind should be more stable and hopefully we will have more races."

The newcomers - Gaswar team closed the top-3 of the day. And the next two teams in classification - Bogatyrs and Orient JR finished with equal points.

Arif Gurdenli (helmsman of Orient JR): "Today race conditions were really nice. Race committee did a good job in setting a fair course and adjusting to the conditions. For our team, it was the first time this 4 guys raced together. Two members are new in the team. But they are experienced sailors and were were able to adopt quickly. Having a raising performance each race made us happy. We look forward to making more races and more fun tomorrow.

Tenzor Team was upset with the start of the regatta, but it is two days ahead to move up.

Daniil Odintsov (Tenzor Team tactician): "Today was not our day. The judges could not set the distance for a long time, because the wind shifted a lot. The wind was from the shore, and the coast here is hilly and the wind, resting against them, dissipates and it is difficult to catch it. In the first race, I saw when the yacht rounded at the end of the fleet, then made a turn on a full course, went the other way and became a second one on the down mark. We couldn't read these approaches well, and being in the lead, doing everything according to the rules of tactics, found ourselves in strong weaknesses when others were planing. We were unlucky today, but we will make up for it. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow we will have a stronger wind, but it will twist as well. So the regatta is going to be difficult!"

In Corinthian division, the winner of the day is IVEDI team moving ahead of its rivals - AYAZ, AZZURO and ASPAT respectively.