“Bogatyrs” sailing team snatch victory from the Tenzor Team at the third stage of the Tenzor International Cup winter series

The race weekend from February 8 to 11 will be remembered by participants and fans of sailing as the incredible third stage of the Tenzor International Cup - J/70 Open Winter Series 2023-2024 in terms of intensity, excitement and drama. This open sailing tournament in the J/70 yacht class, held under the auspices of Tenzor Sailing Club Turkyie with the support of the Turkish Sailing Federation and the J/70 Class Association, continues to gain popularity in Turkey and attracts more and more experienced sailing teams.

At the third stage, the participants were lucky with the weather and wind conditions, which allowed them to hold the maximum number of races according to the competition regulations. There were 11 of them in three racing days.

“Bogatyrs” and Tenzor Team went through the regatta with equal points, and the final race determined who would get the coveted victory.

This time, fortune was on the side of the "Bogatyrs", who, with a total equality of points with the Tenzor Team, won by an additional indicator - they won one more race!

Konstantin Besputin ("Bogatyrs"): "This epic on the water has ended. We performed well and won the stage. Until the last race, it was decided which of us would take the first place – our team or the Tenzor Team. The guys from “Tenzor” were going very well, especially on the fly down wind - they made strategically better decisions than we did. This allowed them to advance in each race, so the fight turned out to be fierce. Thanks God, we won the first race and came third in the second race. Before the final race, we had the same number of points. We competed the whole race, went side by side, they were in the lead on the third ford, and there was such a situation that if they had finished in front of the Dolce Vita team, we would have lost. But at the finish line we managed to get in front of the Tenzor Team, and it was the biggest luck of the day. It was difficult for everyone to cope with nerves, we went to the maximum every race, as the weather and wind were unpredictable. Thanks to the team, they worked beyond praise. Unfortunately, I had tactical mistakes, but we are a real team, who support and help each other. I am very grateful to the team for their work!"

Daniil Odintsov (Tenzor Team): "The victory was very close, and the fight was equal. In general, we completed our task – we got into the top-2! We went very well on all days, we were happy with ourselves. We had some technical mistakes, but the team did a great job, and I am grateful to everyone. Congratulations to the winners, they deserved to win, we are second, and this is also a great result. The fight in the series continues, see you in March!"

The fate of the third place and the bronze medals was also decided on the final race day. The Hubex team took a high pace and was able to win two races in a row in a day, which gave them the opportunity to break away from the Dolce Vita and confidently take a place on the podium.

Mikhail Sheremetyev (Hubex): "We did better than in the previous two days. The full courses turned out well. In the first two days it was hard for us, we were not very lucky, we did not get into the lines, but on the final day we swayed and as a result – the first two arrivals, we are on the podium and very happy with the result!".

Dolce Vita became the fourth at this stage.

Alice Kirilyuk (Dolce Vita): "A very good final day and the whole regatta. We tried to fight for the third position, but the opponents were strong, so at this stage we got only the fourth result. Of course, we are sad about this, we wanted to win, but we will realize our potential in the next stage. Special thanks to the judges panel, who, in difficult wind conditions, gave all the planned starts. See you soon at the next stage!"

The Orient JR crew gained momentum during the regatta and with excellent dynamics broke out to the fifth position, with a minimum gap of 1 point from the fourth place!

And the top-6 was rounded out by the HSSK-QUICK SIGORTA team. They also became the winners of the Corinthian division, ahead of the ASPAT, AYAZ and IVEDI teams.

Saruhan Cinay (HSSK-QUICK SIGORTA): "We won the Corinthian class, but we also set a goal to be in third or fourth position in the overall standings. Unfortunately, we did not do a good enough job in the last race day. A difficult day, the wind "shifted", there were gusts of varying strength. We are happy with the regatta, it was very intense fighting, good wind and we are looking forward to the next stage."

The next meeting of the teams will take place from March 7 to 10 at the fourth stage of the Tenzor International Cup - J/70 Open Winter Series 2023/2024.