International composition of judges at the winter series Tenzor International Cup 2023/2024

The judging panel at the first stage of the winter series Tenzor International Cup 2023/2024 will be represented by experts from Spain, Germany and Turkey.

The main ampire of the regatta is the Spaniard Paco Quiñonero, a world–famous specialist with a license of an international judge and umpire of World Sailing.

Initially, Paco participated in various regattas, taking the position of tactician. In 2000, he began to take an interest in the regulations and, enthusiastically exploring the processes of organizing and conducting sailing races, in 2007 he received the status of an international judge and an international umpire of the World Sailing Federation. He has acted as a judge at countless top-level regattas, such as World Championships in Olympic classes, judged many match racing competitions, working with fleets Extreme 40, GC32, Flying Phantom, RC44, Sailing Champion League and SSL Gold Cup. In Valencia, during the 32nd America's Cup, he worked for ACM as responsible for the Port Judge vessel and collaborated with the organizing committee in controlling the starting line. During the 33rd America's Cup, he led the Regatta committee vessel, coordinated radio communications and solved communication tasks. In 2017 and 2018, he worked in the team of organizers of the OC Sports Extreme Sailing Series competitions.

Paсo will be assisted by a talented and experienced umpire from Germany - Jules Tronquet. For the past four years, he has been umpiring in the German, Polish, and Austrian national leagues, as well as the Sailing Championship League, as well as officiated as a judge at several other championships. This year he has been appointed World Sailing International Umpire, focused on Umpired Fleet Racing. Furthermore he is a member of the appeals committee of the German Sailing Federation. At the age of 24, he is actively involved in sail racing, particularly in Pirate Class and J70. As a tactician and helmsman, I competed in various championships last year, including the German Championship, Danish Championship and Kiel Week.

Umpires from Turkey will complement the judging panel of the first stage of the winter series Tenzor International Cup 2023/2024.

See you in Bodrum!