Inna Balashova: "Participation in the TIC winter series in the Bodrum waters will be the first Turkish experience for the Dolce Vita team!"

Inna Balashova's Dolce Vita team has good international sailing experience and feels great at sea conditions. However, the crew will compete in the Turkish marina for the first time.

In an interview with the press service, helmsman Inna Balashova shared her expectations.

What are the expectations ahead of the start of the Tenzor International Cup winter series, are you familiar with the Turkish location?

Inna Balashova: "Of course, I have heard about numerous Turkish sailing events, but yachting Turkey is completely unfamiliar to me, and participation in the winter TIC series in the Bodrum waters will be the first Turkish experience. I hope that my impressions will be no less enthusiastic than those of our yachtsmen, who already took part in the Turkish series and the Turkish Championship in the J/70 class this year, and who were satisfied with the sea conditions and found the location of the yacht marina based on the Radisson Collection Bodrum very interesting both from the racing and from the the coastal point of view. According to personal expectations, I want to take a little break from the endless bustle of a huge metropolis, enjoy the place and the moment!"

Are you familiar with any of the Turkish sailing teams or Turkish yachtsmen? Who can you mark?

Inna Balashova: "I don't have personal acquaintances with Turkish yachtsmen, and the Turkish fleet is not so big comparing to the European one, but, of course, I know several Turkish teams, because they raced together in the Italian summer series, the winter series in Monaco and the European championships. Among them: EKER KAYMAK, DENIZCIK. The latter, if I'm not mistaken, became bronze medalists of the European Championship in the J/70 class in Portland this year."

You are participating on your own boat. What are the advantages of this?

Inna Balashova: "I don't think that participation on your own boat is an absolute competitive advantage, especially in conditions when the hosting organization provides participants with a new fleet and new sails. It is much more important who is in the boat. For me personally, racing my own boat has more of a psychological significance. I mean, you're "at home" on your yacht, and you're "a guest" on your rental yacht. I love being at home!"