“Bogatyrs” take the lead after the first race day

The start of the racing program of the third stage of the Tenzor International Cup – J/70 Open Winter Series 2023/2024 turned out to be excellent! Sunny weather, medium wind and a difficult short wave created excellent conditions for the start of the regatta.

After the opening ceremony and welcoming words from the organizers and the judging panel, the teams went off to the water for the fight.

Can Giray (Chief judge of the regatta): "The wind and weather conditions were great for racing, and we had 4 races. According to the plan, there are 4 more tomorrow and on the final day we will try to hold 3 races – a total of 11 for the regatta! For us, a very important improvement in the organizational and judicial part of the regatta is the use of automatic buoys, which have entered service with TAYK and are being tested for the first time at this stage of the Tenzor International Cup – J/70 Open Winter Series 2023/2024."

The leader of the day with three races won and one second arrival was the “Bogatyrs” team.

Konstantin Besputin (“Bogatyrs” team): "The day turned out great! The start was in a difficult place - the pin was much more profitable, and everyone tried to start there, but we took all the starts from the ship and immediately turned and went to the right. Thus, we were racing very freely relative to the fleet, and we did not have to chew out points and position much. And our tactics worked – we went to the right according to the same scenario, somewhere we slightly modified our strategy. We quickly went into maneuvering and flydownwind, the whole team worked very well, there were very few technical flaws, Igor run the boat well, quickly adapted to the conditions. The result is excellent – three races won and the second arrival. The day passed easily, without nerves and confidently, with good speed, without violations of the rules and difficult situations. I don't remember such days for a long time, even when we were racing well. The fleet is strong, I think it will be more difficult tomorrow, but we will try to keep the same pace and maintain leadership."

The Tenzor Team finished the day on the second position of the intermediate classification.

Daniil Odintsov (Tenzor Team): "It was a hard day, 4 races in difficult conditions with a short bat wave. The wind is about 8 with gusts up to 11 knots. The races are quite exhausting. The distance was in such a place that the start was close to the shore, and the wind was very unstable there. Closer to the first mark, it leveled off slightly, but continued to twist, the changes were quite strong, so you could both win a lot and lose a lot. We've been able to do that in a few races. In the final race of the day, we rounded the top mark last, but we managed to rehabilitate ourselves and finished third. The rivals are strong both among the Russian teams and the Turkish crews which are growing and gaining experience all the time and it is very interesting to fight in such a fleet."

Three teams could get into the top three at once. Dolce Vita is ahead of its rivals and is chasing the first two teams with 14 points.

Andrey Dmitriev (Dolce Vita team): "Today there were quite difficult weather conditions – a broken wave and a weak wind of about 8 knots, while it changed its direction, the approaches were somewhere 15-20 degrees. There was a constant change of leader at the distance – you could rounded first on the mark, and then end up fifth, and that's what happened with us in the first race. According to the day, the leader is clear, this is the “Bogatyrs” team, we are trying to catch up for now. But tomorrow there will be a stronger wind, and I hope the balance of power will change. We are very happy to be here – a great location, conditions for racing and organization."

The Hubex team is still the fourth, but the potential of the team is huge and the crew is determined to fully realize it in the remaining two race days.

Mikhail Sheremetyev (Hubex team): Speaking generally, we didn't do very well today... we were only pleased with our starts! The weather was very unstable, and, unfortunately, we made a lot of mistakes! And so, a good 4th race, under difficult but working conditions. We are preparing for a new day and new races!"

The debutants at this stage – the HSSK-QUICK SIGORTA team from the first race showed their high athletic level and equal competition with the leaders. The fifth place at the end of the day is a great start to the regatta!

Saruhan Chinay (HSSK-QUICK SIGORTA team): "It's a great day for us. There was an average wind, an interesting fight, very strong rivals. We have good arrivals, except for the third race. We were fourth twice, and in the final race we showed the second result. In the third race, we were also in the leading group - on the upwind second mark, we rounded second, but got a red flag and came only 7th. We are preparing to improve the result tomorrow!"

For ORIENT JR, the start of the race was not so good – only one arrival in the top five of the four races. The gap from the top three is already more than 10 points, but the chances of gaining the top five are quite high!

The places from 7th to 10th were distributed among ASPAT, PLS team, IVEDI and AYAZ.