Resume of the second race day: The fight is escalating!

The second race day changed the balance of power in the intermediate classification of the third stage of the Tenzor International Cup - J/70 Open Winter Series 2023-2024.

Tenzor Team had an amazing day with three races won and caught up with the leading "Russian Heroes" on points.

Daniil Odintsov (Tenzor Team): "Today we managed to hold 4 races in a good wind from 12 to 17 knots. One race had to be cancelled, as there was a strong approach and weakening of the wind. And so the racing conditions are excellent - the yachts could glide at full course, so it's very interesting to race in this weather. The day turned out very well for us – we implemented all our tasks, got off to a good start and chose a side, we are very satisfied with the result. As for the rivals, there was a tight fight, they walked close to each other. Tomorrow we will finally figure out who will be the winner."

Konstantin Besputin ("Bogatyrs"): In general, the day turned out well. In the first race, our rudder mount broke, and because of this breakdown, the boat was going slower. We have already encountered this problem on Melges 20. We fixed the breakdown, and from the second race the arrivals were already good — we came second, then first and fourth. The team worked well, there were no problems, we remained the leaders. Tenzor Team had a great day, well done, they came close to us. It's going to be a very intense fight tomorrow!

Hubex came in third place, one point ahead of Dolce Vita.

Alice Kirilyuk (Dolce Vita): "It's a wonderful day, we spent about 6 hours at sea. It was difficult for all the teams, as we had been waiting for the race for a very long time, as the wind constantly went left and right. Some races were abandoned. In the first and second races, the wind was average in strength – 8-10 knots, and in the third and fourth it was already stronger, more interesting. But it was not to our advantage as the most light-weight team. We fought to the last and I hope that tomorrow we will be able to compete for the third position."

Two Turkish teams, HSSK-QUICK SIGORTA and Orient JR, are coming close to them with equal points.

Arif Gurdenli (Orient JR): "Today was a great day in terms of wind conditions and according to our results we showed our potential. They came second, third, fourth — always in the top 5. In the third race, we rounded last on the top mark, but reached the finish line fifth. And this is a very significant factor that the team is strong and well-coordinated. We are glad to be a part of this wonderful tournament with excellent organization and a strong line-up of participants."

In the Corinthian division, the HSSK-QUICK SIGORTA team holds a confident lead, AYAZ came in second place, followed by ASPAT and IVEDI.