Sailing team Dva Topora will enter a new crew for the first stage of the winter series of the Tenzor International Cup 2023/2024

Ivan Volchkov shared the details in an interview.

What is interesting for you about the TIC winter series in Turkey, why did you choose it?

Ivan Volchkov: The winter series is interesting with a fleet and strong crews. We liked the approach to the organization of this event, the new yachts, the water area.

Have you raced in Turkey before, share your impressions, what are the features and attractiveness?

Ivan Volchkov: The TIC winter Series in Turkey is the first winter event for our team in 3 years. Usually, the Turkish season is spent with the team in spring and autumn - we perform on keel cruise yachts. The last time I performed in Bodrum was in 2013, when I was still on Optimist. The coastline has changed a lot over the years.

Tell us about the crew, and who is in what position?

Ivan Volchkov: The crew will be a brand new. We haven't raced with such team staff yet. Pavel Burtsev is the helmsman of our team. Pavel has been actively training on the J/70 in Montenegro for more than 3 years, in the city of Tivat. Pavel is the leader of the amateur fleet, but he has a desire to be the best not only in amateurs. Me, Ivan Volchkov, will be in the role of tactician. I had good training in Montenegro on the J/70. In addition to training on sports keel yachts, we managed to hold a training camp on the hydrofoil WASZP making a new speed record of 23.7 knots. We are waiting for a good wind in Bodrum to break the record not alone! Kirill Petryashev takes the position of a staysail boatman. Kirill is an experienced sailor who does everything well, and he continues to grow. Vadim Chen will be a bowman. This will be Vadim's first regatta on a J/70 class boat. In the summer season of 2023, Vadim tried himself at the keel yacht "Rocket 670" and immediately realized that the sail is in favor.

What are the expectations and tasks for the first stage of the series in December?

Ivan Volchkov: First of all, our crew wants to enjoy the most interesting races on new boats. We expect beautiful races and a fair fight.