AZZURRO Sailing Team will represent Fenerbahçe Yacht Club

Kerem Ozkan's AZZURRO sailing team will represent Fenerbahçe Yacht Club at the first stage of the winter series Tenzor International Cup 2023/2024. In the crew staff there will be the family members – young sailors who follows the sailing passion of their father.

Tell us about your team and crew for the upcoming regatta

Kerem Ozkan: It is a family team. It will be my kids and their aunt on first regatta. I have been racing competitively for more than 35 years. My sailor friend Doğa Arıbaş will also be with us on the boat. We have been sailing together with Doğa at Eker Sailing’s J/70 boat “Kaymak” since 2019 and competed several world/European championship and also locally at Turkish J/70 tour regattas.

My daughter Nese (14) will be at helm and my son Ege (12) will be the headsail trimmer. I believe they will be the youngest ones at the regatta.

How long have you been in sailing and what do you like about this sport?

Kerem Ozkan: I have started racing at 1986 with Optimist. Raced mainly at 470 class and competed at 96’Atlanta Olympics as a crew. I have raced at yacht races generally at top racing yacht in Turkey which are mainly Oğuzhan Too, Orient Express and Eker

As doing this sport more than 35 years I believe it’s clearly understandable that I love it.

Are you familiar with the water area in Bodrum, where the races will be held? What are its features?

Kerem Ozkan: I have raced at other bays around bodrum like Bodrum main, Bitez, Ortakent, Turgutreis, Yalıkavak but I have not race in this exact race area before. Racing at Bodrum is always fun with crystal clear waters and windy conditions.

What are the tasks and what are the expectations from the first stage of the Tenzor International Cup winter series?

Kerem Ozkan: My main task is to make my kids love sailing/racing. This is what I love, so if they love, so I can spend more time together with them, and while sailing/racing they would not be left alone. If we can manage to pass at least one boat the end of the regatta it will be a success for us.