The international staff of Orient JR sailing team is among the participants of the first stage of the Tenzor International Cup – J/70 Open Winter Series 2023/2024

Arif Gürdenli: "This year we are starting the J/70 season with a new line-up. The helmsman is Arif Gürdenli, the tactician is Pavel Karachov, the trimmer is Buğra Hadımoğlu, the pitman is Mehmet Duran Dinç. We have strengthened our team with Pavel Karachov, and we want to move forward together. On the one hand, our goal is to fight for the podium in the winter series of the Tenzor International Cup 2023/2024, and on the other – to prepare for races abroad.

We have all been involved in sailing since childhood. As the oldest member of the team, my experience in sailing is already 45 years. I still practice this sport with the same love as I have since day one.

Every time you go out on the water, it means new sensations and new impressions. I really enjoy racing. Of course, it's nice to be high in the rankings, but our main priority is to compete with dignity, participate in races and do our best, work to the maximum.

The waters of Bodrum are not familiar to us. At the first stage of the series, we set the task to achieve the cohesion of the new team and find our own settings. We want to understand our level relative to the entire fleet and understand our strengths and weaknesses."

Pavel Karachov: "I joined the Orient JR crew on the recommendation of my good friend the yachtsman. I'm looking forward to meeting with the team. We will communicate in English. I have a good experience of racing in multinational crews. In 2022, I raced for the Comanche team – there were 16 nationalities – Argentines, Portuguese, Spaniards, New Zealanders, Americans, French, a lot of guys from different countries. I also actively raced as part of the Bronenosec team, where there were many foreigners."