Tenzor Team won the first stage of J/70 Open Winter series Tenzor International Cup 2023/2024

The final race day of the first stage of the Tenzor International Cup – J/70 Open Winter series 2023/2024 was held in excellent weather conditions. The sunny weather and the wind of 8-12 knots were ideal for racing. However, by changing the direction, the wind dispersed the wave, which became a serious test for the participants of the regatta.

The teams were determined as much as possible, because the gaps in the leading group were minimal. The Dolce Vita and Bogatyrs teams had the same number of points before the start of the final day of the regatta, and the Tenzor Team was only one point behind the leaders.

The organizing committee of the regatta held three races on Sunday, each of them had its own winner. Hubex sailing team opened the account of personal victories in the sixth race, Orient JR brilliantly won the seventh race, and Tenzor Team put the winning point in the regatta, making the first arrival in the final race of the regatta.

Dolce Vita missed the lead in the regatta due to two arrivals out of the top-5, but stayed in the leader group despite the onslaught of the Hubex team and an equal number of points in the final protocol.

The final results were calculated for 8 races held, minus the one with the worst result.

With a comfortable advantage, the Tenzor Team became the winner of the first stage of the open winter series of the Tenzor International Cup 2023/2024. This team already has the winning trophy of the Turkish summer sailing series Tour of Turkiye 2023, as well as a magnificent victory in the Turkish championship in the J/70 class of the 2023 season. This experience certainly played to the benefit of the Tenzor Team crew in the fight for victory.

The silver medal was won by the Bogatyrs team, who are also well acquainted with the Turkish waters and marine conditions.

The top-3 was completed by Dolce Vita team, which deservedly got the "bronze" medals of the stage.

Hubex team missed the podium – the crew finished the regatta in fourth place with an equal number of points.

The teams Eyed Mushrooms and Orient JR were in the top six.

The AZZURRO team won the Corinthian amateur division, in which 14-year-old Nese Ozkan acted on the helm, the Ayaz JR Arif Ayaz team took second place, and the third place went to another Turkish team Ada Jr of Alp Doguoglu.

The award ceremony was attended by distinguished guests, including Deputy Governor of Mugla Murat Kahraman, Governor of Bodrum Mustafa Çit, as well as Mugla representative of the Turkish Sailing Federation Serdar Kayhan.

The second stage of the Tenzor International Cup 2023/2024 open winter series will take place a month later, on January 11-14, 2024 at the base of the Tenzor Sailing Club Turkiye Yacht Club in Bodrum.

FINAL Results of Stage 1:

  1. Tenzor Team - 17.0 pt
  2. Bogatyrs - 21.0 pt
  3. Dolce Vita - 22.0 pt
  4. Hubex - 22.0 pt
  5. Eyed Mushrooms - 30.0 pt
  6. Orien JR - 35.0 pt
  7. Dva Topora - 46.0 pt
  8. Good Guys - 52.0 pt
  9. AZZURRO - 53.0 pt
  10. AYAZ JR - 65.0 pt
  11. ASPAT - 68.0 pt
  12. ADA JR - 72.0 pt