Dolce Vita overtook Cheese Sailing on the second race day

The intensity of the fight increased on the second race day. The teams competed in excellent wind conditions of 12-18 knots.
In the four races held, fortune was with the Dolce Vita team, which won one race and finished second twice. At the end of this race day, the Dolce Vita was ahead of Cheese Sailing in the classification and topped the overall standings.

Alisa Kirilyuk (tactician of Dolce Vita): "On the second day 4 wonderful races were held. There were excellent wind conditions — fresh wind and no waves. The teams became better at running the boats, maneuvers, and the fight was very intense. In this point, there were many protest situations today — the umpires had to work very hard on the water, notice violations and give penalties. Fortunately, our team was spared. The outcome of the fight for the first three places will be tomorrow, we are looking forward to it."

Tenzor Team moved from 6th to 3rd position thanks to the effective teamwork.

Daniil Odintsov (Tenzor Team tactician): "A great interesting day. Very active races, everyone sailed tightly. Today our team was able to read the wind better, and this was reflected in the results — we won one race and came third three times. We are satisfied with the result, we changed the strategy and it worked!"

Orient JR finished the day very close in number of points with Tenzor Team.

Pavel Karachov (tactician Orient JR): "It's a great day for our team. We have a new trimmer, Sasha Gaidaenko, and a new bowman, a local guy from Bodrum. We needed to synchronize our technique quickly, which happened on the second day of the race. In two races, we came the first and second and twice on fifth position. I hope that we will end up in the top 3!"

Bogatyrs, Gaswar, Hubex and Happyhour JR teams stay on 5th to 8th position respectively.

Konstantin Besputin (Bogatyrs tactician): "We sail with new helmsman and have small flaws, but with each new race we improve, and we are pleased that we have progress and we have begun to understand each other better. We will try to rise in the standings on the final day. We are very good at downwind, we feel confident, it remains to add on the maneuvers and take the starts a little better. I really hope that tomorrow we will get into the rounds the same way as today, and all these factors will work out in our favor."

In Corinthian division IVEDI team continues to lead but the Ayaz team has reduced the gap. Azzuro and ASPAT teams are in only 3 points from each other.

The last race day will determine the final alignment of forces in classification. Stay tuned!