The international series of sailing regattas Tenzor International Cup expands the horizons and program of regattas.

- Hi, Burak! Please tell us about the main features of Tenzor Sailing Club in Turkey. What kind of experience and unique options does it offer to its clients?

- Good day! We are organizing an international regatta at the level of the Olympic Games. Our goal is to create competitions that will be appealing to both experienced sailors and those who are just starting their journey in the world of sailing. We aim to deliver a regatta of the highest quality and collaborate with the finest judges in the world.
- What are the marine conditions in the Bodrum region, and how do they affect yachting adventures and regattas?

- Bodrum is an excellent location for yachting, and the facilities of the Radisson Collection Hotel and marina are truly magnificent! We hope that everyone will enjoy it.
- What are your thoughts about Tenzor International Cup and why in your opinion this event gains more and more popularity every year?

- Tenzor International Cup is a very serious and wonderful competition. Our goal is to make this international cup one of the best in the world. Rest assured, we will do everything possible for this. You will see that in a short time this race will become one of the most important yachting events in the whole world, with the world's top sailors vying for victory on the high seas. Bodrum is the perfect location for such an event, with strong winds, clear waters, and stunning scenery.
- You have such a rich yachting experience, you have participated in many competitions in Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, Monaco, USA, etc. Which regattas are in your personal Top-3?

- Thank you for the compliment. I started sailing at the age of 10 and have represented the Turkish national team in over 200 events. In 2022 and 2023, I secured victories at the European and Asian Championships, as well as clinching the second place at the European Championship. I also became the champion at the North American Championship and received the Denier Star Sailor League Award. In my view, these are the finest regattas.